Capability in cybersecurity: can we fix it?

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AISA 2014 keynote

In his keynote speech for the 2014 AISA National Conference, Major General Stephen Day - Deputy Director of Cyber and Information Security for the Australian Signals Directorate - said the Australian Government will be working with Australian universities to build a cybersecurity capability, for reducing the skill shortage gap in this area.

"Great!" I thought at the time.

On reflection, a heavy amount of work is required, making me wonder how this can be achieved. Also, are they aware of the industry bodies working on this challenge already?

Existing capabilities

What am I referring to? At an international level, ISACA released the Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX). ISACA's Melbourne chapter are working with RMIT University in building a student group to raise awareness.

In western Australia, service provider ES2 awarded the ES2 Cyber Security Prize to Curtin University's top cybersecurity student.

Complementing or overwriting

With these and other activities active, will existing cybersecurity arrangements be augmented, or replaced? The energy and momentum of work in progress needs to be sustained in making Australia more aware of cybersecurity issues.

At the 2014 AISA National Conference, a fair portion of industry sectors are represented. I would like to see available skills used to help grow cybersecurity capability and awareness.

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