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I have been reading about the upcoming retirement of support for the Microsoft Server 2003 operating system (OS). One author felt that organisations will probably mismanage the retirement of the OS, like many did with the retirement of Windows XP.

It led me to reflect on the management and operational processes used by IT Departments to keep the lights on, the effort needed simply to achieve that base operational goal.

In a small-to-medium sized IT Department, simply asking to see the network and system diagrams and associated build or as-built documentation can be an entertaining process. You will be able to watch the question circulate through the department like a hot potato before it drops with a thud to the floor.

So should you push further and ask if they know what makes their network operate? On the journey towards IT documentation maturity, that kind of question can expose where an organisation is at.

Read more at CSO: the resource for Data Security Executives.

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